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Prioritizing the well-being of children.

Martín Blank's praise for a great book

"Society thrives when we craft environments , in and out of school, that support happy, healthy, thinking, caring, and social children who become collaborative, creative, competent, and responsible citizens tomorrow (Golinkoff & Hirsh-Pasek, p.14). In 2016, Roberta Golinkoff, PhD and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD put out Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children. What a pleasure to read this book. In part, it is an exploration into the trajectory of the American education system, which focuses on content-centered and evaluation-crazed learning systems and has left students with few of the skills that are actually relevant in today's workforce. Things like creative innovation and collaborative problem-solving (job requirements for many Fortune 500 companies) cannot be taught by teaching only reading and writing and math. In fact, learning scientists have found that when kids really want to learn something, they will; and when they don't, they won't. Instead of cramming content down the throats of our children, it might be time to inspire them to learn on their own, to explore, to learn and play freely, to love one another, and to keep alive that kindle of awe that we see in our children's eyes. After all, what is it about children that we are all drawn to? Another way of asking this is, what is youthfulness, if not the twinkle of awe and excitement for life? The adults we are most drawn to are the ones who are still children in many ways; those who have not lost this zest and enthusiasm and wonder. Let us continue to nurture lifelong learning by supporting the enthusiasm of our children.


All this is to say, what a great book. Highly recommended.